Dance in Delight

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New Morning (17.09 MB) R10.00
Dance in De Light (18.92 MB) R10.00
Where Four Rivers Meet (16.59 MB) R10.00
From the Heart (16.23 MB) R10.00
Sunrise into Fire Dance (18.85 MB) R10.00
Sacral Ceremony (17.08 MB) R10.00
Earth Moves (17.09 MB) R10.00

Is a debut solo cd which had a specific intent and focus in mind, created after I started exploring the power behind healing sounds. It is a musical journey which loosely interprets and incorporates the elements, tones, senses and energy dynamics associated with our chakra's, while avoiding stereotypes and rigid definitions. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and a love for and from all that is are written into the music with the intent of creating journeys which have melodic and rhythmic vibrancy, while retaining a soothing,meditative quality.

The bodies main chakra's are toned in ascending order, gently at first for an awakening, a stirring, after which steady mantra like percussion rhythms and pulsating drones are added, which support simple flute and sax melodies. Hypnotic overtone singing and echoing monochord are ever present. Each tune functions as a complete journey and integrates with the others to give a balanced "tune up" for body mind and spirit. It has received wide acclaim from therapists and health journals, while retaining a general broad appeal for all, due to its musicality.

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