Soulbird Flying Colours

Soulbird Flying Colours

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Fandango (12.79 MB) R10.00
Pathways Crossing (12.13 MB) R10.00
Inside Out (30.71 MB) R10.00
Natalie (23.45 MB) R10.00
Mickey My Boy (18.42 MB) R10.00
In The Eye Of The Beholder (17.78 MB) R10.00
Valza Hysterika (14.30 MB) R10.00
Tau (30.92 MB) R10.00
SoulBird (18.60 MB) R10.00


Soulbird is a collaboration by 3 accomplished & passionate musicians, speaking eloquently to you in the universal language we all understand and love - music.

An artfully blended kaleidoscope, "Flying Colours" paints feelings that are at times playful, light and others deeply moving. A journey that brings musings from afar.

These are stories told with exotic as well as familiar instruments, poetic and lyrical, soaring with jazzy or classical passages and sometimes new dialects. Stories told from the heart devoted to the power and grace in the spirit of music.

Founded by Chris Tokalon (vocals, sax, flute, hang*) SoulBird are a multi-faceted trio of talented musicians. Along with their original compositions they combine their music to create a varied and eclectic blend of evocative and inspiring sounds. As a listener you are transported irresistibly on a soaring world music experience where cultural boundaries blur then vanish.

The music is anchored on a solid foundation of conventional Western music genres (mainly contemporary jazz, folk, rock and blues) and decades of experience in performance and composition. From this solid platform they invite you to take flight on a globetrotting journey, visiting your imagination on exotic musings to India, Africa, Tibet, the Middle East, Australia and the Caribbean. Tablas (Indian finger drums), Tibetan singing bowls, Oud (Middle Eastern Lute), Didgeridoo (origins in Australia) and *Hang (miniature steel drum with origins in the Caribbean) combine with saxophones, flute and guitar for a vividly colourful, musical event.

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