The Marvellous Mouth - Don't Tune Me, I'll Tune You

The Marvellous Mouth - Don't Tune Me, I'll Tune You

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This Marvellous Mouth music Cd has been a long time coming ,ever since I started imitating instruments  as a kid, and later ,some 15 years ago ,as a part of live performance . All these"tunes' are from my 1man 1mouth show-Don't Tune Me ,I'll Tune You,and this title is a clever play on words,tied in with my work as a sound therapist .I hope you noticed that on your own ..

All the tracks are guaranteed to be "played" by my mouth , excepting here and there when I slip in a bit of sax or flute, my "real life" instruments .But those are also played with my mouth so it's not really cheating.There's a lot of quirky, wacky and dry humour contained in a range of styles ,with some wry comments on the ways of the world and also it's spirituality.

This mini CD (5 tunes ) is a deliberate departure from my "serious music" and an emphatic statement of my self proclaimed status as a 
wacky walking windbag  who sometimes peddles hot air for a living ...  

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