SOUND JOURNEY – Take a holiday from your busy mind, day, life!

The ultimate in soothing, gentle, stress release, a Sound Journey is like a sound bath or a sound massage which works on a cellular level. Simple yet powerful live sounds are woven through your body, mind and spirit.  Lie down with eyes closed and allow yourself to be transported, mesmerised and thoroughly ‘tuned’ by overtone singing, Tibetan bowl, flute, rain stick, hang drum* and evocations of natural sounds from other ‘toys’ and surprises.

I weave a tapestry of beautiful, resonant, harmonious sounds through your being, providing access to your inner stillness.  Your cells are vibrated into re-alignment, restoring balance and transforming the trapped residue of trauma and stress. You are left calm, revitalised and at peace – ready to face the rest of life’s journeys.

* A Hang drum is a modern day Swiss made variation of a Caribbean steel drum - an inverted steel pan which looks like a space ship and sounds like heaven.

It perches on the musician's lap and is played by hand giving it a warm and sweet yet ringing sound .The particular hang which I will be playing is one of the first ones manufactured and I have been playing it for 17 years with various musicians at functions, sound journeys and festivals .

– an introduction to self-empowerment through the use of YOUR voice!

How many people do you know and perhaps yourself included, who say “I can’t sing, I’m not musical, I can’t hold a note”?  Probably something you were told as a child, which you have believed ever since.

This is for learning how to liberate yourself from a fear of using your voice – through using it!  Find how easy it is by making simple tones and sounds.  Remember and rediscover your inner music by singing it. If the thought of using your voice in a group terrifies you, on this day you will be gently guided and gradually inspired to confront this limiting belief system.  Find out how much fun it is and how powerful this simple process can be for releasing stress. Communal singing creates a pleasurable response in your body and mind!

It’s called a Playshop because the process is playful, encouraging, simple, supportive AND VOLUNTARY!  You have decided to make a change in your life by being present on this day.  We don’t work music – we play it! If you catch yourself saying .. “I can’t sing – I’m not musical”, a Playshop is especially for you.

How many of you saw the movie “As it is in Heaven”?  If not, make a plan to see it. 

The day’s combined activities will be integrated at the end into a Sound Journey.
Balanced in body, mind and spirit, calm, energized and inspired by the experiences you have gathered through the day you head home with a set of readily available ‘sound tools’ to be used for meeting the rest of life’s challenges.  Listening to music and making music by creating vocal sounds can become your regular means of transforming anger, stress and other limitations. 

Singing the song of your being, your voice is an audible echo of the immeasurable orchestration of creation’s harmony and an ancient heritage remembered.

A Sound Journey is an ideal supplement to any alternative wellness or holistic event and perfect therapy in the corporate arena as it transcends the boundaries of race, culture and religion in a non-threatening way.

Sound Journeys and One-Day Playshops can be organized for groups or individuals.  I have access to various suitable venues or you can host a Sound Journey/Playshop at a venue of your choice.

Chris Tokalon photo by Chris Claasen

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