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Welcome to "The Marvelous Mouth" page where I get to show off my wild, wacky windbag side. I know that until now many of you have perceived me as a deep, sensitive, gentle soul and as true as that may be, to balance this out I also have a brazen, macho and irreverent side, which loves jokes and fun. Who said life and spirituality has to be serious?

Ever since my early childhood days, I can remember imitating sounds and people, a fascinating, hilarious past time which sometimes provided escape and comic relief from danger and boredom - in other words school. I also recall occasions when my mimicry got me into trouble - also at school.
Regularly in an allegedly adult life, my skills in mimicry have provided me with an income, from voice over’s on radio and TV as well as forming the basis of my one man show.

This page contains 3 sections and each 1 features some of my favorite sounds, includin:

  • Ring Tones: feature most of my skills as a mimic and some can be downloaded for free just to brighten up our lives and to make you smile each time your phone rings with The Marvelous Mouth.
  • Overtone Singing: which I use as a therapeutic tool in sound journeys. It’s also a jaw dropping party trick!
  • Voice Overs: An International award winning (Pencil) Radio Ad just to show off. {mp3 width="50" height="20"}Marshall Music Awards{/mp3} Those of you looking for a voice artist can go to the ringtones after listening to this. They show off a variety of sounds, accents and impersinations which can be used for voice over work

MY ONE MAN SHOW – Chris ‘The Marvelous Mouth’ Tokalon in “Don’t Tune Me – I’ll Tune You!”

A Wacky, highly entertaining one-man show. Music and Comedy combined by a one man orchestra with uncanny imitations, amazing impersonations, sax, flute, beat box and a spaceship. Ideal for corporate entertainment, celebrations and special events.

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